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Stud Dogs - Terms & Conditions

 We will check as far as possible that the pedigrees of potential bitches are correct and are suitable to be bred with our dogs.

 We will only allow our stud dogs to be used if the dam is free from all inherent conditions and is accompanied by the relevant health certificates (e.g. hip dysplasia and eye conditions etc.)

 All breeding terms or stud fees will be arranged by mutual agreement in writing between Geordieland Gundogs and the owner of the bitch before the mating takes place.

 All bitches wherever possible will be brought to the Geordieland Kennels for mating.

 We will not allow our stud dogs to mate a bitch if we feel that the mating will be detrimental to the breed.

 We will endeavour to help the owner of the dam to place puppies in the correct homes.