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Spaniels at Stud

This is Clyde our English Springer Spaniel stud dog.  We started trialling him in 2008/9 and he achieved five awards from seven trials, the last of which was a win in novice in January 2009. He ran in a number of open trials in 2009/10 and managed to get a second at the Chiltern Gundog Club open. He has already had a number of studs and has produced some lovely litters of pups, both black/white and liver/white.  He has a very soft biddable temperament but comes alive when working.  He is a hard hunting dog but very easy to control.   


This is Raven our Cocker Spaniel stud dog.  He had his first trial in January 2010 at the age of 22 months.  He achieved a creditable third place amongst top class opposition, not bad for a little baby!  We are looking forward to trialling him in earnest next season after he has had the summer to mature.  He is very much like Clyde, in that he has a soft kind temperament and is very keen to please you.  However, when out working, he covers the ground with great drive and pace, but always under control.  His retrieving has always been excellent, proving very quick to learn any new situation.  He has an exceptional pedigree which one can only describe as outstanding.  His sire and dam come from what many consider the “blue blood lines” of the working cocker population, combining the Maesydderwen and Timsgarry dynasties in one little dog.

Clyde’s Pedigree


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Raven’s Pedigree


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