Geordieland Gundogs

One to One and Group Training


We provide training on both a one to one basis and in a group-training situation, catering for a wide variety of skill levels and experience of both dog and handler. You may already have a good gundog that just needs finishing touches that you want to train yourself. It is no good buying a part or fully trained dog if you do not know how to control it in the field! Come to us and have a lesson with your dog so that you can understand and learn the correct skills necessary to control and handle your dog. Formal training of puppies does not usually start until they are six to seven months old, however



Residential Training


If you wish to have your gundog trained professionally, residential training is available. We limit ourselves to a small number of dogs at any one time, enabling us to concentrate the necessary time with each dog. We have access to various types of environments, such as grassland, woodland, game crops and still and running water. Pheasants and Partridges provide a regular source of game during the shooting season and rabbits can be found on the grassland throughout the year. We have everything needed to produce a superbly trained dog, including the opportunity to shoot over your dog at a range of quarry all year round.


Dogs will be with us for an initial assessment period of up to 4 weeks. We will then meet with you to discus training requirements. You are then encouraged to visit on a regular basis where a demonstration enables you to see the dog progressing through its training and review any details that may arise. To achieve a respectable standard most dogs require between four and six months training, taking into account any bad habits that your dog may have picked up. Our dogs are always handed over to the owner with the relevant amount of coaching and instruction so that the handler knows how to work the dog correctly.


Refresher Training


At Geordieland Gundogs we can offer you a summer refresher course. It is better to deal with problems out of season rather than find out on the first shoot date that you should have sent your dog to us for a refresher course. If you do not have the time or the facilities then this service will enable you to have your dog ready for the forthcoming season.

Professional Gun Dog Training in South Hertfordshire.

Geordieland Gundogs can offer all types of training from general obedience to a fully trained gundog. Although John specializes in the gundog breeds, most breeds are capable of some sort of obedience training. We have helped people with all sorts of breeds from a Terrier to a German shepherd.

many mistakes can be made before this time that prove difficult to 'train out' of your gundog later on. Many of the basic points can be learnt by your puppy if put into place early.

In Season Training Days


We also arrange  a number of Field Trial training days  on live game during the shooting season.  These days are typically targeted at those handlers whose dogs have reached a high standard on dummies and ready to  move  on to more advanced work with  shot game.   These days are generally run in September and October and provide a dog and handler with a introduction to a normal shoot day.