Geordieland gundogs    

About Us

Geordieland Kennels is owned and run by John Keegan who has been training dogs for the past 30 years. Being a keen game shot he has used gundogs for most of this period but has also trained and worked lurchers and terriers in the field.  Since 1998 John has been successfully involved in trialling Labradors.  He has run in numerous trials and has been fortunate to have won a number of them during that time.  He has also been privileged to judge a number of field trials and working tests during that period.   In recent years John has ventured into trialling spaniels with the arrival of Clyde his black and white Springer dog.  He has had some success with a win and numerous other awards in the last couple of shooting seasons.  Geordieland Kennels now owns a number of spaniels including two first class young Cockers that we have high hopes for.